The Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line is new to come to Midwest Steel. Its capabilities include: handling beams up to 40” tall, jumbo columns up to 730 lbs/ft, and drilling holes up to 1-9/16” diameter through any thickness up to 10”. The Ocean Avenger can drill up to 30,000 holes before change of drill bit, thus allowing for consistent production and very minimal downtime in production. Another great aspect of this drill is the compatibility with drawing softwares, such as, solidworks, autocad, inventor, and even 3-D modeling programs such as Tekla Structures, StruMis, and ProSteel 3-D. We are able to work with all the leading drawing softwares to efficiently work with all customers.

This addition allows Midwest Steel to meet all timeline needs for our customers. With sped up production and our fabrication capabilities, Midwest Steel Fabricators will make sure each job is completed to its specifications and on time.